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Alex Ryvchin

Alex Ryvchin is co-Chief Executive Officer of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, the author of internationally acclaimed books of history and politics, and a best-selling children’s author. He writes for leading publications and speaks, debates and teaches around the world on the Arab-Israeli conflict, foreign and national affairs, antisemitism and the Holocaust, and religion and identity, and is a regular commentator on TV and radio.

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Nigel Russell

Nigel was born and grew up in Bathurst and studied Law and Economics at ANU in Canberra.  After graduation, Nigel drove around Australia, stopping halfway to live in Darwin for a year, where he worked at the Department of Law.  He then worked for a couple of years at a law firm in Sydney before moving to Hanoi, Vietnam to help set up the firm’s office there.  Nigel fell in love with the country, and with Thuy (his wife) and ended up staying for 20 years.  During that time, he worked as a lawyer with Allens Linklaters (advising foreign companies investing in Vietnam) and he set up and managed The Australian International School with Thuy.  They moved to Sydney with their three children in 2015 – the two eldest have since graduated from Reddam House, where the youngest is currently in Year 10.  

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Steven Most

My research is grounded in cognitive psychology, with strong links to social psychology, clinical psychology, and neuroscience. My lab specialises in relationships between motivation, emotion, and attentional control. I am passionate about fostering an understanding of psychology outside the university. I will be talking about how students can use the science of memory to do better in school. 

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Noam Antonir

Noam is currently completing his third year of study in a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws, majoring in History, at the University of Sydney. Beyond his academic endeavours, Noam presently works as both an HSC tutor and as a legal research assistant for two senior barristers. His passion for historical inquiry and research has pushed him within his own scholarly inquiries to look beyond conventional historical narratives, aiming to explore the complexities and nuance of the past. With this goal in mind, Noam’s talk aims to empower others to embrace the realities of our shared history to forge a brighter future.


Jeremy qualified as a lawyer and MBA, and has over 25 years’ experience in retail banking and insurance - leading strategy, product, transformation & partnership functions. Jeremy is a father & husband, on a mission to make a meaningful difference. His driving philosophy is that "change starts with me!". He is passionate about applying these skills in creating a better future for his children.

Jeremy Leibman

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Darren Miller

For the past 5 years, Darren has been the Chief Executive Officer of ARENA, Australia’s renewable energy innovation agency. Since its establishment in 2012, ARENA has invested over $2.3 billion in over 650 projects throughout Australia, and last financial year saw the agency approve a record $544 million of funding to 60 new projects in areas such as solar, hydrogen, batteries, heavy industry and electric vehicles.
Through his leadership, Darren has given ARENA a clear and defined purpose in meeting Australia’s emissions reduction targets and setting Australia up as a potential renewable energy superpower.

Prior to joining ARENA, Darren worked in energy retail and renewable energy, and before that he had a successful career in investments, private equity and corporate finance.

He studied commerce at UNSW, graduating with First Class Honours in Accounting, and completed his schooling at Moriah College in Queens Park.

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