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Meet The 2021 Team

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Samuel Katz


Hi there! I am a passionate student from the Reddam House 2022 cohort. Over the years I have both self-taught and been taught programming in many languages. I am an avid sailor and sailing instructor who enjoy nature and its serenity.


Reece McRitchie

Head of Marketing

Hi, I am Reece and I'm in year 12 at Reddam House. I have been a part of this school since 2017 and have witnessed all the fantastic events organised over the years. I am more than proud and excited to now be one of the organisers and continue this influential event along with my fantastic team.


Maya Gertler 

Media And Art

Hi, I’m Maya! I love everything creative and enjoyed helping out with marketing and design for TEDx this year. I love to draw, paint, play guitar and listen to music. I’m very passionate about the arts and I love a good TED talk, so TEDx was a perfect opportunity to get involved in!


Aaron Ngan

Speaker Coach

Aaron Ngan is the CEO of Junior Achievement Australia.


As one of the world’s largest youth-serving NGOs, JA Worldwide prepares young people for employment and entrepreneurship.


Calla Maier

Event Management

I am excited to be part of TEDx and be involved in an initiative that educates and inspires those around us.

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Daniel Wesek

Event Management

Hello, I'm Daniel! I’m a self-professed theatre-geek and always take to a good debate. It has been an absolute joy to work with the TEDx community in generating a platform for the sharing of new, unique ideas. No matter how small, every idea makes a difference!


Aaron Dong

Director of Public Relations

Hi, I'm Aaron, a Year 11 Reddam student acting as Curator and Director Of Public Relations for this year's event. I've been hard at work contacting and keeping in touch with our superb 2021 speakers and recklessly promoting this year's ground-breaking event. 

I've believed in the core message of the TED initiative since day one and have felt that engaging and informative media content is such a vital part of our online and human landscape. 

I'm passionate about enforcing the culpability of our government, media and scientific institutions and have interests ranging from the world of chemistry to seminal literature.

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Joel Gross

Head of Video Production and Finance

Hey! I'm Joel, a Year 11 Reddam House student and the Head of Video Production and Head of Finance for this Tedx Event. I've been working hard to secure a multitude of sponsors to fund this occasion whilst also simultaneously filming and editing event footage.
TedxReddamHouse has presented me a great opportunity to work with many highly inspirational people and spread their message around the globe.



Quinn Luu


A year 9 student from Reddam House, Quinn Luu has been a part of the Red Cross Youth Advisory Committee and she is passionate about learning and growing as people. She would love to see more youth tap into their potential and achieve wondrous things as she treats the world with a “why not” or “what’s the worst that can happen?” mindset. Taking life one step at a time, she loves to hear and learn from the experiences of others and hopes that the sharing of ideas is supported and continued.


Oscar Ryan

Stream support Event Management

I’m Oscar and I have been at reddam for nearly 6 years now. I always found that the events that the students and staff organized were always really interesting. This interest inspired me to try and get involved in the process of organizing events and then TedxReddamhouse came in. I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the process of creating this awesome event and getting to know the team better as well. This experience really allowed me to hone my skills along with the rest of the team and I am delighted with the current state of the project and can not wait to see it finished!


Special Mentions

Thank you to all these wonderfull people

Stephan Gottlieb 

Andrea Huxham 

Ayann rahman

Alfie Diskin

Jamie Levitt

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