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Akuol Garang is a Melbourne-based refugee and human rights advocate. As a Registered Migration Agent, Akuol provides advice and assistance in the preparation and lodgement of Australian visa applications. While studying towards her Masters in Human Rights Law, Akuol also volunteers for a number of organisations, including the Asylum Seeker Resource Center where she advocates for the Sudanese-Australian community, multiculturalism and people seeking asylum in Australia.

Akoul Garang

I'm the founder of Youth of Sydney, a driven activist and a lover of democracy. I believe in youth voice & activism of today. In revolutionising our modern tools, and skills in the paving of a better world - socially, environmentally and spiritually; I'm pursuant of tangible egalitarianism.As a young individual, I believe that the youth of this nation is at the forefront of leading, devising and recording change in the social injustices of our time. And thus to best empower them, I want to change the way young people are viewed within society- with the aspiration of creating a story-telling culture to truly connect in an age of technology, and highlight the nuances of young people in the present. As someone once characterised by voicelessness, I want to change this global discourse and truly empower young people to speak up.

Tasnia Ahmad

Hi, my name is Penny Capp and I’m 16 years old. I attend Kambala School and I am now in Year 11.
Since I could remember, I’ve always loved dressing up whether it was Disney princess costumes or clothes from my mother’s closet.
I’ve also been working part-time in the Fashion Industry for almost two years now and have been recently become interested in Ethical Fashion.
I believe fashion is a way for designers to express their creativity through clothing and accessories but we also need to care for our planet, our community and our people.

Penny Capp

I launched my first revenue-generating startup when I was 16, and have unapologetically dreamed of living the life of an entrepreneur since 12. Aside from business, I love basketball, performing magic tricks and playing the piano.

But less of me and more of you, I want to know what your heart desires. Are you really achieving your potential or are you simply drifting along? Living with a purpose and passion should be everyone’s oxygen. Have you found your life’s purpose?

Leo Zhang

Quantum computing was once just an academic research project… Today it’s a global race to make the world’s most powerful computer. Tech giants like Google, IBM, and Intel are competing with dozens of new start-ups who are showing that it takes more than money to come up with the ideas that will change the world.

Will Gilbert is a researcher with Silicon Quantum Computing Pty. Ltd., a world leading start-up based out of the University of New South Wales with $87M investment from government and industry. Will spends his time at work designing new quantum devices and experiments at the cutting edge. Away from work he is a long distance runner, enjoys video games, performs on the trumpet and hosts jazz gigs in Sydney’s underground music scene.

Will Gilbert