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Dr Jodie Lowinger

Hi I’m Dr Jodie. In my work as Founder of The Anxiety Clinic, Adult, Child And Adolescent Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Anxiety Expert I’m on a mission to create a world where every adult, child and teen can manage anxiety and thrive. Anxiety is the most prevalent mental health challenge in schools contributing to student despair and teacher burnout. Through my work, I’ve created a new methodology called The Mind Strength Method - four logical steps to curb anxiety, conquer worry and build resilience.

Anxiety is the problem of our era. In a recent national survey of School Principals, anxiety was identified as the number one challenge in schools, draining critical resources and a major cause of teacher and student burnout. With ever increasing global uncertainty through climate anxiety, health anxiety, AI anxiety and digital overload, anxiety amongst adults, kids and teens is only getting worse. As Founder of The Anxiety Clinic, Adult, Child and Adolescent Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Anxiety Expert and High Performance Coach, I have created a step change solution to solve this global problem. This solution is called the Mind Strength Method. As a mother of three, it is my dream to create systemic change in the education system and equip children with a Mind Strength Toolkit to build resilience from the ground up. Through the TEDxYouth platform, together we can help millions feel empowered with Mind Strength tools to transform.

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